"The Possum’s Tale" Hardcover Book

“The Possum’s Tale” Limited Edition Hardcover Book $50.00 A special gift for the child 7+ in your life. Price includes shipping in the US.


Price: $50.00

The Possum’s Tale Limited Edition Hardcover Book $50.00
A special gift for that child 7+ in your life.
Price includes shipping in the US.
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✔️Interesting for ages 5-12
✔️Hidden images on each page
✔️Enchanting illustrations
✔️Underlying issue if you choose to discuss: bullying
✔️Parent questions (if you want)
✔️Special Native Symbols code
Italian Trulli

This book is designed to be a “keeper” in a throw away society. Beautifully designed with “pleather,” gold foil in lay, a special quote for each one and each book is numbered and signed.


I have very fond memories of climbing into my parents huge bed with a beautiful Franklin Library edition of "Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales" when I was little. My dad would have me pick out a story and he would read to me. The book was leather bound with gold foil inlay, beautiful silk end sheets and crisp, thick pages. It felt luxurious to hold. This book still graces my bookshelf and has been with me through every move, including the college dorm. I wanted to replicate that feeling of having something special, of shared quality time and of a talisman to keep throughout the years to remind a child of those precious memories in "The Possum's Tale."

Limited edition “Pleather” hardcover with gold foil inlay
Puzzle of hidden images throughout
Decode the Native symbols
Opossum/Possum facts
Questions to ponder
Enchanting illustrations
Story is told in rhyming couplets to create “sing song” pattern

Absolutely, some children will be enchanted by the illustrations, while others will be drawn into the story and others will simply love the game of finding the hidden images.

Self-esteem is a difficult topic to broach. Bullying is a terrifying subject for many children. This tale discusses both without naming them and through forest animals. This allows you to get a “read” on your child’s feelings in a very non-threatening way.

I was a school teacher and love to help children go to the next level, wherever they are. There are five enrichment activities or lessons that are designed to be done over a week each. Each one is for a different purpose: reading comprehension, writing, ELL, SEL and poetry. Some of the lessons need The Possum’s Tale for the child to complete the lesson, so be sure to read the description before buying.

Venus Nguyen is the most talented illustrator! She created the designs in the book and she created a coloring book. There are four different coloring styles (my favorite is like the old fashioned coloring books with the thicker black outlining and the bold images). Each animal has a cameo in each of the four styles. There are 20 pages highlighting "The Possum's Tale" and it's characters.
We then found 60 more images from various artists to add to the coloring book.
There are 80 images to download again and again in varying degrees of difficulty.


I met the Author and was exposed to this book through a woman's networking group I belong to and last month she brought this book to our monthly meeting and OMG. This book is a book in a book and the quality is amazing. I have never seen anything like it! Also available is a wonderful coinciding coloring book that is designed for kids and adults alike. There are zero disappointments with this book and my purchase of it. This is a must have keepsake that will stand the test of time.

Carol A. Stanley

Awesome is all I can say. I love the quality of the book and I know it will be passed down many generations. Fun read for my grandkids. I totally recommend this book.

Tami Shaul

great story - makes you think about lots of things and the artwork is wonderful, I only got one copy but am thinking about getting additional copies for each of my kids