Digital Coloring Book

“The Possum’s Tale” Digital Download Coloring Book 20 pages from the beautifully illustrated story and 60+ pages to delight all artistic levels

Digital Coloring Book

Price: $3.99

"The Possum’s Tale" Coloring Book includes 80 unique full page illustrations that you can print at your leisure as often as you like to color at home, with the kids, take on trips, and more! Drawn by "The Possum’s Tale" Illustrator, Venus Nguyen, each page is visually stunning and will provide your children – and you – with hours of relaxing fun.

"The Possum’s Tale" Coloring Book: Digital Download $3.99 20 pages done by master illustrator Venus Nguyen that feature a character from
"The Possum’s Tale".
60+ additional pages on a multitude of subjects and difficulties to keep your child in a creative and colorful flow.

Venus Nguyễn introduces your child to the five characters in
"The Possum’s Tale" using four different coloring image styles. My personal favorite is the old fashioned, broad stroke coloring books of the 70’s. These images are truly works of art.   We then included 60+ pages of images to color.
 ✅ 6 sea animals
 ✅ 6 mermaids  
 ✅ 4 cacti  
 ✅ 6 gnomes  
 ✅ 7 flowers  
 ✅ 5 hedgehogs  
 ✅ 6 monsters  
 ✅ 6 dinosaurs  
 ✅ 5 frogs  
 ✅ 3 sloths  
 ✅ 5 butterflies  
 ✅ 6 stained glass windows or design pages
Keep in mind, the biggest and best difference between an actual coloring book and a digital download is if you have more than one child, when the (usually) older child chooses and the younger child wants that same image, you have it covered, just print another. If you have the artist that uses different mediums, you can print on thicker paper so they can use paints.   Or if you have the child who wants perfection and wants to redo their masterpiece, you have it covered.   These 80+ pages can really be 400 pages, all for $3.99